Tara Paine, LCSW

Tara Paine, LCSW treats individuals throughout the life span and use a blend of holistic therapies including Neurofeedback, Bioregulation Therapy and Low Level Light Therapy. She has a strengths based perspective with clients and treats a variety of conditions including Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, TBI, Autism, Concussions and Sleep Issues.

She is a licensed LENS practitioner, has successfully completed intensive neurofeedback training at Center for Brain in 2011, specialized LENS Foundations Training in 2015 and Advanced Training in 2017. She utilizes LENS Neurofeedback and Bioregulation Therapy in the treatment of many conditions.
She enjoys working collaboratively to come up with the best course of treatment. Whether you are dealing with post concussive symptoms, anxiety, chronic pain or PTSD etc. This course of treatment will bring symptom reduction and healing so you can achieve the best possible outcome.

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