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Counseling &  Life Coaching

$150 per 1 Hour

$125 per 45 Minutes

$100 per 30 Minutes

Psychiatric Medication

$250 per Appointment

$150 per Appointment – Suboxone (buprenorphine)


$150 per Appointment

$600 per Month Equipment Rental


$250 per Appointment

$150 per Reassessment


Individual Psychotherapy – Counseling, or therapy is like a reflection into one’s soul. A healthy clinical relationship is formed starting with mutual trust and respect. Counselors have different styles based on their theoretical orientation and areas of expertise. Essentially, therapy is about discussing a wellness plan to support positive changes or maintain mental health.

Family Therapy – A combination of individual and/or family therapy may be recommended by your therapist. We are all connected to larger systems called families, communities, the universe, etc. When families dysfunction, unresolved issues related to attachment, trauma, and grief can be inherited trans-generationally. Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and explosive anger are often the result of emotionally invalidating or adverse childhood experiences.

Couples/Marriage Counseling – Too often, people wait until a transgression or crisis to begin couples counseling. Relationships are usually complicated by communication difficulties. Clients often say they are being heard, but not really “listened to.” Couples counseling requires a specialized form of communication, in which the therapist facilitates healthy communication of emotions. Usually the hardest part is verbalizing the problem. Couples counseling is usually short-term and solution-focused since progress positively reinforces change. Harmonizing with others requires fine tuning – this type of therapy creates real opportunities for growth.